You’ve Been Ron Pauled

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The 2008 election cycle has been responsible for many a memorable and insightful turn of phrase. We have, among others, the classic “Yes we can.” We don’t know what we can (do), but it does translate fluidly into Spanish. Perhaps what we can do is change. I’m not sure, but my favorite neologism has to be “You’ve been Ron Pauled.”

You’ve probably not heard these words before, especially as two of them, Ron and Paul together, have been censored by the media in this, our land of the free. I think fear plays into it somewhat. We don’t know what the object of this fear might be, but perhaps Ron Paul doesn’t translate well into double talk. At any rate, the best definition of “You’ve been Ron Pauled” that I’ve read is as follows: you’ve been Ron Pauled when someone more knowledgeable than you shows you to be the ignorant fool that you are. This is usually accomplished by using your own words against you.

A rough translation would be, “Well he showed you!”

We have seen many examples of hapless victims being Ron Pauled.

I’m sure it happens everyday, and, I’ll admit, it’s happened to me more than once. To be sure, some are more memorable than others. We have, for example, the good and honorable, sagacious senator John McCain being Ron Pauled at the republican debates just recently. When asked about the president’s working group on financial markets, Johnny fumbled and stumbled, made a face, bumbled and gave us his best impression of Miss South Carolina. Johnny had been Ron Pauled.

Others who have been Ron Pauled include “Fed” chairman Ben Bernanke. Truth be told, Benny is Ron Pauled on a routine basis, especially when questioned by Dr. Paul on the inept and incompetent policies of the federal reserve, the private cabal of bankers solely responsible for inflation, i.e., the ever-increasing prices you’re paying for food and gasoline and a roof over your head.

Luxuries, in other words.

The list of those who have been Ron Pauled is long and distinguished. Among the most clueless include George Bush on the war in Iraq; Barry Hussein Obama on the character of his friends; Hillary Clinton on the fidelity of her spouse; Johnny McCain on, well, just about everything; and George Bush on the economy.

Hey. Ron Paul – why isn’t this guy president?


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