Students’ Involvement in Politics

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In our world today, students are more and more interested in political issues, thus, it’s not uncommon to find some of youths avtively participate in politics. Many students even have expressed loyalty to or enrol themselves in their interested political parties. So how these participations of students can effect the political future and other social issues in the short term and long term perspectives.


A primary distinction must be made here between politics as active participation in political movements and the study of political science. The latter is an academic subject and involves the study of the administrative systems of different countries, the formation of political parties, different judiciary systems, etc. Political science, therefore, is a theoretical study of political systems. Politics means the formation of political parties and their active participation in the administration of a country.

This involves organizing political meetings, canvassing for elections and the manipulation of people for political gains.


The participation of students in politics has certain drawbacks. The main occupation of students should be the pursuit of their respective courses of study. All their time and energy should be used in this activity. It is only in this way that they can secure their own individual futures and thereby safeguard the future of the nation. Participation in politics means a huge waste of this precious time and energy.


Although politics may be beneficial in some ways students would be well-advised to stay well away from politics. Their main business is to concern themselves with studies.

By doing so they can do the most good for themselves with studies. By doing so they can do the most good for themselves as well as for the nation.



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