Ron Paul’s Support Moving to the Streets

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It was not long ago that the majority of scientific polls did not even include Ron Paul as a possible candidate for the Republican nomination. That was because he had little support. His views on Iraq were different from every other Republican candidate and the general consensus was that he was not welcome in the Republican party.

But things have changed in recent months after a couple of national televised Republican debates put Ron Paul to the forefront. His message started to gain traction all over the Internet and that was just the beginning. He started getting included in all of the polls and jumped to as high as 3% in a few New Hampshire polls.

His second quarter fund raising was impressive and put more money in his bank than the one time Republican front runner John McCain. Ron Paul does not traditionally take in PAC money or have expensive fund raising dinners like the other candidates so that shows the gravity of the strength of his campaign.

Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative and spends money appropriately.

He does not spend money on fancy haircuts like John Edwards. He does not need to pay for online bloggers because he already has a base of support that is doing that for free. Ron Paul is in a great position to start getting his message out to the people.

The latest familiarity poll in New Hampshire was taken just 2-3 months ago and showed Ron Paul as being unknown to 74% of Americans. Those that see him and support him are very motivated for him. His poll number should continue to grow.


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