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Elect Sebastian Pinera as President of Haiti

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The bottom line to defining insanityis abnormal mental or behavior patterns. I think the world is insane and desperate times call for desperate measures.


Haiti is a nation that has been decimated by an earthquake and now dealing with a deadly cholera epidemic. 2000 dead and counting and the Pan American Health Organization said it was planning to treat 400,000 cholera cases within the next year. 

Every country in the world sent help and supplies to save the lives of the people of Haiti at the time of the earthquake. 

What we all saw afterwards was an inept system of distribution where starving people stood at the gates asking for food and water, mountains of food and water visible and people being turned away empty handed. People were dying and medical supplies were desperately needed but they remained neatly stacked in boxes on pallets in warehouses rather than going to the hospitals and caregivers who could have put them to good use by actually saving lives.

Was that NOT insane? 

The excuse was “red tape”. Red tape means the filling out of seemingly unnecessary paperwork, obtaining of unnecessary licenses, having multiple people or committees approve a decision and various low-level rules that make conducting one’s affairs slower, more difficult, or both. I ask you why can’t we take the billions of dollars being spent for wars and fight a war on “red tape” instead. Perhaps that too is an insane idea.

Infrastructure for water and sanitation in Haiti has long been notoriously poor but was destroyed by the earthquake. Not much has been fixed since the earthquake which opened the door for cholera.

What is worse is that from the very beginning, this outcome was predicted by experts.

Maybe we should look to Chile for a miracle. I am sure Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is the man for the job. Pinera said and I quote:

“You will not be left alone, you have not been alone. The government is with you all, the entire country is with you all.”
He added: “We will knock on every door; we will search for every bit of technology, equipment, every expert, so we can get you out alive.”

Apparently they do not have “red tape” in Chile and they have a country led by a sane government that values the lives of each and every person. They will stop at nothing to do the right thing.

Lets build some bathrooms people. How hard is it to provide safe drinking water? Let’s ask President Pinera. God Bless Sebastian Pinera and the people of Chile for showing the world how it should be done and may God have mercy on Haiti.



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