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Don’t Let Apathy Win the 2008 Presidential Election

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Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Undecided, or None of the Above. Whether you are pleased or enraged with the current administration. Whether you think your vote will count or not, now is not the time to back away from the campaign and election process. It is time to become involved, but this time it will be different.

The 2008 Presidential election will be the most important and different election we have ever seen in American history. Apart from the issues, promises, and scandals, a new reason has joined the candidates on the stump- its that thing you’re surfing on – the internet.

In the past we have seen websites and maybe a Youtube advertisement or two, but in 2008, the election playing field includes social networking sites, video sharing sites, and blogs.

If you felt the only way to garner support for your particular candidate meant attending a rally with news coverage, may I suggest some new ways to help you spread the message of your chosen candidate:

1. Forums. It’s not just for TV shows and rock bands anymore. is a great website with a huge group of forums for everything regarding political parties and candidates. It is a great place to find up-to-the-minute information, as well as find like-minded posters to join in discussions.

2. Social Networking sites. Whether you’re on MySpace, Facebook, or the multitude of other similar sites, it is becoming easier to find friends and groups that share your views. Show your support, and find support from others.

3. Interactive podcasts. is a web 2.0 interactive podcast solution that marries a conference call with live, on-screen text chat and a communal way to express yourself and hear from others as well.

So check it out, and interact.

4. Create you own podcast about your candidate. Everyone’s doing it, why not you? is a great way to get started. In a few steps, you can get your voice heard with the best of them in the podcasting world.

5. Email signature line. It’s where you probably put that funny quote next to your name on emails, but it has many other uses. All email accounts (Gmail, hotmail, etc) have a place for you to add a signature line for every outgoing email. Type in your favorite candidate’s website url, special dates for events, and share it with people you communicate with.

6. Electronically invite others to vote with you. Many people have excuses why they don’t vote, but you can help your candidate by being a voting chauffeur. is a fantastic way to gather people for parties and events, but why not use it for a Decision 2008 voting party? On voting day offer to drive yourself and like-minded friends to the polling place. Heck, you can even make it a “Vote and Pick up Lunch Day”, if you like.

7. Leave your thoughts behind. Youtube and other video sharing sites are being used by candidates, so why not leave your feedback for them and others to read. Let your chosen candidate know you care, and you were there.

and finally-

8. Do something. Whether its one of these ideas, or others, don’t slip into apathy. There is still time to get involved with promoting your chosen candidate or issue. Start now, and use the Internet and new technology to help you.


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